Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016, October, Moscow CEE-SECR 2016 – Central and Eastern European Software Conference in Russia
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Yuri Panchul

Yuri Panchul

Senior Hardware Design Engineer in MIPS I6400 microprocessor development team

Anatoly Levenchuk

Anatoly Levenchuk


Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine

VP Technology Strategy

The submission deadline is 1st of August 2016.This year we specifically welcome the high quality talks and papers on the trending topics.

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efimovNikita Efimov

Object-oriented approach for designing interfaces

Object-oriented programming for several decades is one of the main ‘weapon’ for developers. They use this approach to organize information into classes, determine their properties and actions. A similar approach can be applied to UX/UI design (and it’s already used for a long time actually).

I will describe the process and a set of tools that can be used for object-oriented UX/UI design among different roles in software development process: from analyst to developers.

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belyaevaElena Belyaeva

How to achieve next levels in communication with Customers through “old fashioned” survey approach?

It’s not a secret that Project Managers and their managers care about relationship with their Customers. There are a lot of methods how to gather their feedback and satisfaction regarding project starting from regular status meetings and ending with visits to Customer. In our company we created and offered to the managers a tool to gather and store customer feedbacks using “long-forgotten” survey approach. This integrated solution helped to achieve the following…

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anastasievEvgenii Anastasiev

Cloud Wolverine: The fastest data recovery

The aim of this paper is reducing recovery time of a failed component in a distributed storage system, hence, increasing availability of the entire cloud infrastructure. Using proposed data placement method, we showed that recovery time of LRC codes can be reduced by 70%-80% on average, and by 160% for regenerating codes, compared to the classical approaches. Besides, this work presents an efficient algorithm of scaling regenerating codes that allows using these codes in dynamic clusters.…

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Yuri Panchul will speak at the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2016

Submission deadline is extended for CEE-SECR 2016

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